COVID19 ⎪ Responsibility towards ourselves, a guarantee for those who choose us.

We believe that respecting all the measurements taken by the Italian and San Marino State, for the containment and prevention of spread of the COVID-19 virus is a civic, moral and necessary choice, other than obliged.

With equal importance, we believe it is our duty to protect our employees and our business partners by safeguarding them from the side effects that these provisions are generating in the global economy.

For this reason the company has decided, subject to strict sanitary adaptations and introduction of specific behavioral rules, to remain fully active, as well as its distribution network, logistics, administrative offices and production plants.

We also hope that this choice of ours will encourage other industries, manufacturers and small businesses to continue their work with responsibility towards individuals and to trust in the future, guaranteeing all those who depend on their work a safe tomorrow and a healthy economy, ready to restart in health.

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