Febal Casa

Febal Casa is the Italian style brand that satisfies the customer’s needs by putting them at the center with furnishing solutions for a welcoming and timeless home, thanks to the fluid elegance of highly customizable compositions and refined design.

Colombini Casa

We design Italian furnishing solutions for a young, colourful, textured, smart, and fashionable home. We decided to make all this accessible by following the philosophy of the Family Line.

Bontempi Casa

Bontempi Casa offers design solutions for furnishing every type of room: tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, sideboards, bookcases, bar furniture, consoles, lamps, mirrors, cabinets and many other accessories and complements.

Colombini Group Contract

Like ambassadors of Italian style across the world, we want to help our dealers, customers and general contractors pick the best furnishing solution, offering outstanding value for money in keeping with the Italian tradition of enjoying home life.

Housing & Hospitality Division

Febal Casa Housing Division provides solutions for the short-term rental market and for those needing to enhance the value of their property, with further development potential in the emerging built to rent business.

WeMe Hotel Design Concept

With an international vocation, WeMe Hotel Design Concept offers contractors unique and recognizable space designs aimed at design lovers.


A technical product alone is not enough, which is why we like to present our products as office furniture collections with their own identity and a broad range of solutions, in a highly specialised market.


This is the historic authenticity of the brand, which has been a pioneer of style, design, and technology for more than 60 years. Rossana kitchens are built to last, made with meticulous attention to detail and the finest materials: haute couture kitchens for demanding customers.