Colombini Casa

We design Italian furnishing solutions for a young, colourful, textured, smart, and fashionable home. We decided to make all this accessible by following the philosophy of the Family Line.

Kitchens, living rooms, sofas, bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, teenagers’ bedrooms, ornaments and furnishing accessories are designed to ensure all the rooms of the home are consistent and matching. This international concern has for more than 50 years offered a highly customisable concept thanks to an extensive range of modules, materials and finishes that every interior design solution is unique, reaching the four corners of the globe thanks to the network of 50 mono-brand stores.

This brand universally covers various price brackets in order to offer attractive “value for money” linked closely to the Italian design of the various collections developed in partnership with world-famous architects and designers, the likes of Dario Poles, Andrea Federici and Studio Ferriani.

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