Colombini Group joins the Furniture Pact developed by the SDA Sustainability Lab.

San Marino, 15 July 2022. Colombini Group, leader in Italy in the furniture sector, has always been attentive to sustainability issues, and is one of the promoters of the Furniture Pact research project, presented at the beginning of June at SDA Bocconi School of Management and signed yesterday by Emanuel Colombini, President of the Group.

The Sustainability Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management has devised a path to support companies in the wood-furniture supply chain towards the adoption of increasingly sustainable management models. It has done so by creating a specific assessment methodology for value creation processes based on seven categories of analysis (climate, eco-efficiency, product sustainability, circularity and up-cycling, people, community, supply chain approach) divided into more than thirty relevant aspects.

The model was developed with the support of a group of supply chain companies from the furniture, woodworking machinery, panel and paper manufacturing sectors. The companies shared, promoted and undertook the process of assessing their ESG positioning and improvement according to a logic of individual commitment, promoting change in their own value chain, and collective commitment along the supply chain and in relations with the various stakeholders.

The methodology was further tested on a panel of more than thirty international and national companies in the supply chain. This process resulted in a series of specific criteria and commitments, the Furniture Pact, which some companies in the wood-furniture supply chain, including Colombini Group, have signed.

The signing of the pact represents a further step by the Group towards a concrete commitment to ESG.