Colombini Group makes its presence felt at Milan Design Week 2023 with the Febal Casa, Colombini Group Contract and Bontempi Casa brands

A packed programme of events, numerous new products and multiple initiatives proposed by the Group’s brands during the event.

Milan, 17th-23rd April 2023

Colombini Group announces it will be taking part in Milan Design Week 2023, scheduled to take place in Milan from 17th to 23rd April, with its brands Febal Casa, Colombini Group Contract and Bontempi Casa.

The Febal Casa flagship store in via Fatebenefratelli 18, in Brera, will be showcasing the new Total Living products as well as hosting fascinating initiatives that are set to involve the Housing & Hospitality Division of Colombini Group Contract together with major partners such as NABA Milan, AbitareIn, The Plan, Architect Paolo Colombo and Designer Andrea Federici. Bontempi Casa will also be organising a number of activities.

Empower Your Feeling with Febal Casa – this is the claim for the Febal Casa FuoriSalone Febal Casa, divided up into three: Feel the Planet, Feel the Design and Feel the Party.

Furniture and design become a precious tool that provides the coordinates to read the present and the contemporary, while suggesting visions and concepts for the future too. There will be talk of the circular economy, the sustainability of processes and materials, urban gentrification, new generations and new domestic formulas.

These three concepts will also have a physical interpretation in the installation which will be set up outside the Flagship store. A structure created specifically for the Febal Casa Fuorisalone which is part of Municipality of Milan’s schedule for Milan Design Week 2023.

The partnership with NABA Milan, which involves a group of students from the three-year degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction at the Academy’s Milan campus, aims to reinterpret the digital object “F”, a marker belonging to the Febal Casa brand’s new visual identity. project “Pimp My F” will culminate in the selection of a winner with the application of the new digital object within the Febal Casa editorial plan.

The packed programme for the FuoriSalone includes workshops, presentations and round tables in the morning from 10:30 am and cocktails, DJ sets, and veritable parties from 5:30 pm. The main evening do is scheduled for Wednesday 19th April at 6 pm at the Flagship store in via Fatebenefratelli. To take part in the events, simply register on the website

Specifically, with reference to the new Total Living solutions, for Febal Casa the future entails multi-functional spaces that accommodate the needs of new domestic lifestyles. As for the kitchen, Febal Casa offers the interpretation of these needs by coming up with new compositions of the ORIGINA collection. Capturing the magnetic draw of light and conveying it to the architecture of a domestic setting: this is the briefing behind the new products in the TRENTA and DICIOTTO living room systems in the GIORNO. collection,with designer details designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind. The new additions to the NOTTE. collection embrace the beauty of innovative design. Getting involved, greeting, chatting, pampering, putting people at ease using style, texture and shades of colour: this was the moodboard for the SOFAS. collection.

The events, organised by Colombini Group Contract, as part of the (Re)Generation Stories – Road to Milano-Cortina 2026 circuit, in partnership with The Plan, will be taking place at the exclusive location of the Housing & Hospitality Division. This space consists of two home solutions, one spanning 140 square metres and the other 70, located above the flag ship store and furnished with Febal Casa solutions

Bontempi Casa will be taking part in the FuoriSalone with “Bontempi Is On”: a packed programme of events focusing on architecture, design and entertainment organised on the occasion of the opening of the new showroom at no. 6, Via F. Turati. Among the many appointments on schedule: Friday 21st April “Chatting in the living room”, from 5:30 to 8 pm. A talk with some of the leading figures on the contemporary architecture scene including architects Massimo Castagna, Daniele Puppa and Franco Raggi. Saturday 22nd April, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, the “On for Brera Academy” talk: a group from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, coordinated by Antonella Andriani, will revisit a piece of furniture by Bontempi Casa.

Last but by no means least, Febal Casa and Bontempi Casa are planning an OOH activation on two Darsena Trams that will be on air for 28 days in April and May.