Colombini Group optimises its production processes thanks to Anagram, the artificial intelligence solution by Ammagamma

San Marino, November 2nd, 2021. The Colombini Group, an Italian leader in the furniture sector with its brands Rossana, Febal Casa, Colombini Casa, Offic’è, Bontempi Casa, Ingenia and Colombini Group Contract, and Ammagamma, a data science company that develops artificial intelligence solutions for companies, have joined forces in a project aimed at the design and implementation of new ways of using artificial intelligence to optimise the Group’s order management.

To achieve this goal, Ammagamma has launched Anagram, its artificial intelligence solution, which, thanks to a sophisticated mathematical model, allows the advanced scheduling of tasks that concern the Group’s production processes through the short-, medium-, and long-term timely planning of orders.

Specifically, the model develops the value stream mapping of the sale order, which begins with the client’s confirmation; it defines algorithms used to carry out operational planning analyses; it defines the promised order delivery date, considering the production capacity of the work centres; it plans medium-term production and schedules short-term tasks to ensure the delivery date is respected, maximising productivity and facilitating logistics and sorting operations; and lastly, it guides operators in implementing the planning process using a tool allowing the standardisation of operations and improved coordination among the various departments responsible for managing the entire life cycle of orders, from their arrival to the shipping of the finished product.

The tests carried out in the Colombini Group facilities were found to be satisfying and provided promising results in terms of both efficacy and efficiency: compliance with the “promised order delivery date” increased by 14% and losses were reduced by 20% (over- or under-use with respect to the production capacity), figures which translate into considerable annual savings.

The partnership with Ammagamma is the result of our desire to manage our business activities using an approach focused on promoting further development through technological innovation, which is essential in efficiently responding to new market challenges,” commented Giovanni Battista Vacchi, CEO of Colombini Group. Innovation is now an across-the-board concept, and the collaboration with Ammagamma represents an additional support tool in a path of cultural evolution and growth towards new solutions”.

“We are proud to work alongside and support the Colombini Group in their path towards innovation and development, offering our AI solutions and expertise to improve the Group’s productivity and competitiveness on the market,” confirmed David Bevilacqua, CEO of Ammagamma. “Anagram, the solution we have implemented, will allow the optimisation of the Group’s and its brands’ production processes, but also and above all, it will improve the work of process managers, supporting their day-to-day tasks and adding value to their skills, without ever replacing them”.

“This project is the result of a combined effort with the Colombini Group’s innovation team and all heads responsible for the management, production and sorting of orders. Anagram has been integrated into an already highly advanced process, succeeding in improving the quality of planning and providing the managers of the various business units with a valid control and coordination tool. Thanks to this collaboration, the Colombini Group and Ammagamma have been able to expand their respective knowledge of this sector, creating that cross-pollination representing our key principle,” commented Daniele Bigoni, Data science Team Leader of Ammagamma, and manager of the project.

This collaboration project has become the subject of a video interview with Giovanni Battista Vacchi, CEO of Colombini Group, David Bevilacqua, CEO of Ammagamma, Paolo Guiduzzi, Industrial Director of Colombini Group, and Andrea Bernardelli, Project Manager of Ammagamma.