The pillars of the Group

The Colombini Group is a complex and structured universe, a constantly evolving space based on a precise constellation of values. Five reference points that draw a clear map, a coherent, sustainable and distinctive line of conduct.


We are convinced that the growth of the community and the welfare of every individual are not only tied to the concept of ethics, but are also achieved through the Group’s everyday activities, where the keywords are occupational safety, health and welfare, respecting agreements and supporting the local territory.


The protection of the planet, as well as that of people, must be a constant reference point for our actions and our decisions. In fact, we embrace the term sustainability in its multiple fields of application: environmental, economic and social. The biggest challenge is therefore to integrate sustainability into the business processes, defining goals and behaviors that can align with operational and economic-financial ones alike.


A multitude of training universes, roles and personalities: this is the added value of the resources who work for the Group with the utmost professionalism.
Respect means guaranteeing harmony in such a multifarious environment, while holding on to the guiding principles with concrete actions, such as being open to dialogue, caring for the workplace, and checking the quality of processes and products.


It is not just the implementation of new technologies that places our Group at the cutting edge.
We are convinced that innovation is also achieved through the ability to produce, design and explore with that vision that allows us to achieve the goals we set ourselves.


A valuable relationship that we create with our dealers and customers based on our commitment and professionalism.
We want to go beyond a mere commercial transaction, and we do so by paying maximum attention to all those actions, processes and daily activities that distinguish our business.