By optimising not just energy resources but also all the production waste and sawdust, which thanks to specialist providers are recycled and utilised for other activities and reintegrated into the system.
Every industrial activity has an impact on the planet, which is why having an environmentally-friendly concern is one of our top priorities: in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification, the Colombini Group is committed to delivering a hospitable world to future generations.

The Group’s commitment to the environment is reinforced in the form of specific product lines which make use of ecological panels in virtue of a circular economy, thereby creating a system that is capable of sustaining itself. These products use panels originating from processed waste wood: this process logic is financially and environmentally sustainable without affecting forest resources.

Panels made with these materials have the same characteristics as other panels, the only difference being the internal core which is made of recycled wood, which is then surfaced in the same way as standard panel productions.