Every industrial activity has an impact on the planet. It is for this reason that attention to the environment is one of our corporate values: the Colombini Group, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification, is committed to delivering a habitable world to future generations by optimizing not only energy resources but also production waste and wood dust, reintegrating them into the system thanks to specialized suppliers, creating a circular economy.

We choose eco-friendly materials, we opt for design solutions that promote durability and waste reduction, optimizing production processes, through intelligent machines, automated warehouses and coordinated logistics distribution systems, designed to minimize the CO2 footprint. Actions aimed at raising the quality standard and being competitive on a market that is increasingly attentive to environmental issues, critical consumption and efficiency in the use of energy and materials.

The Group’s respect for the environment is strengthened by the use of ecological panels from FSC® certified suppliers who use pre- and post-consumer wood that is given a second life by virtue of a circular economy that feeds itself, without affecting the forest resources. The use of new 100% natural sintered surfaces ensure a glue and pollutant free production. Glass and aluminum, technological and infinitely recyclable, are used to create compositions with a great style impact, with the ability to ensure lightness and resistance over time. Product durability, the result of a targeted design, is today one of the main differentiating elements on the market: the longer the service life, the lower the quantity of waste produced, the lower the quantity of resources used for production and transport. The green-living attitude has led us to reduce the use of plastic in offices and production, recovering all the waste we produce and constantly monitoring consumption, allowing us to optimize the energy impact.

The use of FSC® certified papers and recycled cartons for packaging complete the desire to adopt a sustainable conscience.